Compare Classic Workflows to Power Automate Flows

This past weekend I was in Amsterdam and presented on the differences between classic workflows and flows in Power Automate. It was such a great event, and a subject dear to my heart.

I’m sharing my slides from the session if you would like to get an overview of my conclusions. Ask away if you have any questions!

Additional reading

If you feel like deep diving a bit, here are blog posts of mine that are related to the slides

CDS vs CDS: What Connector should I use in Power Automate?

I see lots of questions regarding the best way to connect to a dynamics environment with Power Automate and people who struggle to find functionality that should be offered but not sure where to look. It’s not clear as crystal that there are two available CDS Connectors in Power Automate and what differs the two.

Be Lazy: Filter List Records in Power Automate with FetchXML Builder

If you navigate to the classic workflow designer you’ve probably seen the recommendation to use Microsoft Flow for background workflows. Although we’re not completely there yet with parity between the two – Power Automate is the way forward.

6 thoughts on “Compare Classic Workflows to Power Automate Flows

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  1. Thx for sharing the information good stiff to know when starting with Power Automate.

    In a different post of someone else (forgot the name) about working with child flows, it was said to start the child flow with a Http trigger request. Whats the difference to your recommendation to start with a power trigger?


  2. Hi. Your slides are helpful but, in some cases, missing context / explanation. Is there a recording of you presenting this posted somewhere so that I can better understand the material?


    1. Hello!

      Unfortunately there is no recording. Is there any slide in particular you would like me to explain I’m happy to do so even though it was a while ago that I did the slides 🙂


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