First Party Apps shipped with different URS versions

If you plan on using Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) for custom entities or for scheduling services with Customer Service you should be aware of this.

Different versions of URS

I noticed the other day that you get different versions of URS depending on what first party app you install it with. If you install Field Service or Project Service Automation when creating your environment you get the latest update of URS, but if you choose only to utilize URS with the Customer Service app you get an older version.

URS with Customer Service

URS with Field Service

Fix is on the way!

I’ve been told that the microsoft scheduling team is working on this issue, and in the future there will not be a difference in URS versions depending on what first party app you have.

A bug in the older version

In the meantime: a workaround could be to install Field Service or PSA in your current environment. If this workaround doesn’t suit you and you rather wait for the scheduling teams update you should be aware of a bug in the older version.

It’s regarding that the scheduling assistant doesn’t save the rating value when trying to use it with a characteristic. It will search for the characteristic itself, but not take the rating value in regards.

Although, if you add a characteristic with a rating value on your Resource Requirement directly, the scheduling assistant will take that in regards, so it’s only when you manually add characteristic filters that this bug occurs.

That’s all for today folks, good day, have fun, talk soon etc.

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