When your Dataverse Environment doesn’t show up in the maker portal

Are you as impatient as I am and gets annoyed when you create or reset a Dataverse environment in the admin portal and can’t see it in the maker portal? Well with a couple of clicks I can show you how you go to open your environment and start building solutions in no time.

The Problem

If you have created or even just reset one of your dataverse environments, it could take a while for it to be visible in the maker portal. The maker portal (www.make.powerapps.com) is where you go to create or install your solutions. And if you are too quick moving inbetween these portals it could be so that your environment is not visible in the environment picker.

The sneaky way around

So instead of going to make.powerapps.com, go back to admin.powerplatform.com, click on the environment and open the environment url.

Go to top right corner and choose Advanced Settings which you find under the Settings cogwheel.

Open up the Settings menu (choose the smal chevron next to the Settings text in the menu), then choose Customizations.

Now we are in a place where we really never wanna be. But for this purpose it’s actually fine. So click on Customize the System and now you are in the classic interface default solution area.

Now when that opens up in a new window you get a small banner telling you that there is a newer maker experience, woah! PERFECT!

Clickety click and you are now in the maker portal, in your new environment (but also in the default solution). So click your way back to Solutions create or install what ever it is you want and you are good to go. Just 8 clicks later.

Summary and Option 2

Eight clicks to get your environment to open, OR just grab that environment ID up in the url in the admin portal, paste it here and you are good to go 😂


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